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Howard St Menu

Tín on Howard Street offers our most comprehensive menu for lunch and dinner, Monday to Saturday.


Hue Rolls / grilled lemongrass pork, shiso, mint, cilantro, fried shallots, steamed rice noodle  13.5


Tín Rolls / grilled lemongrass pork, shiso, mint, cilantro, egg, lumpia wrap, fried shallots, rice paper  13.5


Cha Gio / crispy-fried rolls with pork, shrimp, jicama, taro, woodear mushrooms, glass noodles, peanuts*  13.5


Spring Rolls / poached pork and shrimp, vermicelli, mint, peanut dipping sauce*  12.5


Lotus Shoot Salad / lotus shoots, pork belly, shrimp, bell pepper, cucumber, celery, rau ram, peanuts  13.5


Mango Salad / green mango, pork belly, shrimp, carrot, onion, rau ram, mint, fried shallots  13.5


Papaya Salad / green papaya, poached shrimp and calamari, thai basil, peanuts*  13.5


Banana Blossom Salad / banana blossom, shrimp, pork belly, pickled onions, shallots, peanuts*  13.5


Goi Ga / poached chicken, cabbage, onions, rau ram  13.5


Banh Xeo / shrimp, calamari and pork crepe with fresh herbs*  16


Warm Beef Salad / sautéed beef, mixed baby greens, boiled egg, house vinaigrette   14.5


Firecracker Shrimp / crisp-fried shrimp, lumpia paper, plum dipping sauce  14


Chicken Wings / soy-garlic-marinated chicken wings, salt-pepper-lime dipping sauce   15


5-Spice Quail / two quail, 5-spice marinade, mixed greens, salt-pepper-lime   15.5


Xiu Mai / house-made pork meatballs, fresh herbs, spicy broth, baguette   14

Banh Mi Sandwiches

Served with pickled vegetables, jalapenos, cucumber, cilantro, house aioli        


Add side mixed-greens salad $4 or pork and spinach soup $6


Grilled Lemongrass Pork, 5-Spice Chicken or Lemongrass Tofu*. 13.5


Xiu Mai / house-made pork meatballs, spicy broth  14


Turmeric Catfish with dill   14.5

Grilled Mai-Que-Lo Ribeye  15.5

Noodles with Broth

Noodle soup garnishes served upon request


Pho Ga / poached chicken, rice noodles, ginger-chicken broth  14.5


Pho Bo / rare eye-of-round, brisket, rice noodles, beef broth   14.5

add beef balls $2; tripe or tendon $2.5 each


Vegetarian Pho / tofu, mushrooms and vegetables, rice noodles, vegetable broth*   14.5


Hu Tieu / xa-xiu pork, chicken, shrimp and ground pork, rice noodles, garlic-chicken broth   15


Hu Tieu Kho / xa-xiu & ground pork, chicken, shrimp, pho noodles, peanuts, soy-tomato sauce, side broth  15.5


Wonton Noodles / shrimp and pork wontons, xa-xiu pork, egg noodles, garlic-chicken broth   15


Bo Kho / beef shank, carrots, star-anise beef broth, egg noodles or baguette    15.5


Bun Bo Hue / rare beef, beef shank, pork sausage and belly, shrimp paste, spicy lemongrass broth      16


Vegetarian Bun Bo Hue / mushrooms, pineapple, tofu, spicy vegetable broth, thick vermicelli noodle*   16


Bun Rieu / crab and minced pork balls, shrimp, pork sausage, fried tofu, tomato, chicken-tomato broth   16


Bun Thang / chicken, egg, pork sausage, shitake mushrooms, fermented shrimp, cilantro, chicken broth   16


Bun Moc / pork-shitake sausage, fried pork sausage, pork rib, shrimp paste, chili, chicken broth    16

Vermicelli Noodle Bowls (without Broth)

Served with cucumber, lettuce, bean sprouts, pickled daikon & carrots, peanuts


Add crispy-fried cha gio roll $3.5; add grilled shrimp $3.75


Bun Thit Nuong / grilled lemongrass pork shoulder   14.5


Bun Tom / grilled shrimp   15.5


Bun Bo Xao / sautéed lemongrass beef    16


Bun Bo Nuong / mai-que-lo marinated and grilled rib-eye with sesame seeds    16.5


Bun Ga Xa / sautéed lemongrass-chili chicken thigh   14.5


Vegetarian Bun / sautéed lemongrass tofu, shitake mushrooms, soy vinaigrette*  14.5`


Cha Ca La Vong / turmeric-marinated catfish, dill, shrimp-paste sauce   15.5


Bun Cha Ha Noi / grilled pork patties & pork shoulder, fresh herbs, vermicelli noodles   15.5

Rice Plates

Served with jasmine rice; substitute brown rice $1; add fried egg $2.5; add cha gio $4


Caramelized Claypot Catfish   15.5


Caramelized Claypot Shrimp    15.5


Tamarind Shrimp   15.5


Ginger Chicken   14


Chili-Lemongrass Chicken  14


5-Spice Chicken   13.5


Lemongrass Pork Shoulder  14

Grilled Pork Chop   18


Braised Pork / pork belly, thrice-cooked egg   15.5


Shaken Beef / wok-tossed marinated cubed beef, mixed greens, salt-pepper-lime   18


Lemongrass Tofu / sautéed shitake mushrooms and vegetables*       14

Sides & Desserts

Sautéed Baby Bok Choy with Garlic*   10


Spinach and Minced Pork Soup (Chicken Broth)   8


Banana Cake coconut cream and peanuts    7.5


Sakes      Glass (4oz) /Bottle

Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri,” Junmai, Akita (720 ml) 12/60


Kamagawa “Red Label, Junmai, Kyoto (720ml) 12/60


Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo,” Nigori, Hiroshima (500 ml/720ml)  13/50/65


Sparkling Wines    Glass/Bottle                                


Torbato / Sella & Mosca NV, Sardinia, Italy  13/45


Champagne / Delamotte ’14 Blanc de Blancs, Champagne, France - /125


White & Rose Wines


Sauvignon Blanc / Zilzie ‘22, Victoria, Australia  13/45    


Chardonnay Blend / Copain ’22, Sonoma, CA  - / 50


Gruner Veltliner / Weingut Frank Weinviertel, Austria  -/45

Chenin Blanc / Glup ‘21, Maule Valley, Chile   - /45


Riesling / Weingut Johannishof ‘19, Rheingau, Germany   - /45


Txakolina Rose / Bidaia ‘21, Getariako, Spain                        13/45


Red Wines

Pinot Noir / Lafken ‘20, Aconcagua, Chile. 13/45


Pinot Noir / Hartford Court ‘21, Russian River Valley, CA    - / 55

Pinot Noir / Gran Moraine ‘18, Yamhill-Carlton, Oregon    - / 60


Mencia / Joaquin Rebolledo ‘20, Galicia, Spain    13/45


Barbera / Fuso ‘20, Piemonte, Italy   - /45


Cabernet Sauvignon / David Finlayson ‘20, Stellenbosch, South Africa  13/45


Super Tuscan Blend / Il Fauno Di Arcanum ’19, Tuscany, Italy    - /55

Carignan (Carinyena) / Maria Ganxa ’21, Montsant, Cataluny, Spain    -/45


Beers (Bottles & Cans)                                            

Kirin Ichiban, Japan   6.5    


Trumer Pilsner, Berkeley, CA.    6.5


Fort Point Tropical India Pale Ale, San Francisco, CA     7.5


Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Straws upon request per SF law

Iced Vietnamese-Style

Coffee with Condensed Milk    5.5


Thai Iced-Tea     5.5


House-Made Limeade     5.5


Iced Tea (Roasted Wuyi Oolong)     5


Arnold Palmer      5.5

Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite     4


Premium Teas from Red Blossom Tea Company (Single Pot)    5


Organic Cloud & Mist / green tea


Tung Ting, Charcoal Roasted / Formosa oolong tea


Organic Golden Monkey / black tea


Peppermint Rose / herbal infusion

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